Head of the Boubukai, Tomohiko Utsunazaki

Born in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, 1984

From Sports to Martial Arts

When I was a child, I loved playing football and dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player in the future. However, when I was in high school, I injured my back during a game and was unable to move my body as much as I wanted due to the pain in my back. During this time of mental and physical pain, I came across a book on martial arts that was written to improve my spirit, and I found myself completely absorbed in the martial arts. There was a time, however, when I was on the verge of giving up and despairing that I did not have the ability to do the basic kata I had been taught for so many years.

Meeting the superhuman movement master

One day, I heard from a senior martial arts instructor in Okinawa that there was a truly authentic ninja-like warrior in Okinawa who had never seen or heard of superhuman movements before, and I immediately headed to Okinawa.

In December 2015, after meeting Sensei (78 years old) for the first time, he handed me a stick and told me to “go ahead and strike at me as hard as you can,” and as I struck with all my might, he disappeared…poof…from where he had struck and the next moment, he slowly thrust the stick toward my chest. The next moment, he slowly thrust the stick out toward my chest. The next moment, he slowly thrust the stick out toward my chest, and even though the stick did not hit me, the tip of the stick applied a tremendous pressure that I could not see and which blocked the movement of my body, sending me flying backward in that state. I had never backed down before because of fear, but for the first time, I felt the invisible pressure (Ki) of a warrior on my skin. I then decided that I definitely wanted to learn from such an awesome warrior, so I immediately joined Sensei.

One-on-one training with the master

After that, I commuted from Fukuoka to Okinawa for three days and two nights every month, and after returning home, I practiced every morning and evening while working. The one-on-one training with Sensei consisted of the five basic kaiten (five moves), and there was no technical or physical instruction. I was told that for four years. My wife would laughingly tell me that I was practicing with my arms and legs moving so much even when I was sleeping.

One day after five years of practice. And a sense of mission to pass on to future generations

One day, after five years of practice, the centrifugal force of the five basic rotary rods (go-te) entered my body and the knack (bones) of my body began to move, and my speed and power became different from before. What surprised me the most was that my standing posture improved dramatically, and my body became less tired and more energetic.

I had never felt any significant change in anything I did, but the realization of the greatness of this kaiten-bojutsu led me to strongly desire to pass on this centuries-old technique to future generations, and in 2023, I founded the “Bobu-kai”.