Entrance & Fees

Admission fee

5,000 yen

※Minimum age for admission is 12 years old

Practice fee

・Per lesson  2,000 yen
(Pay each time)

・Monthly membership fee  10,000 yen(You can participate in all general practice sessions.)

Per lesson for non-entrants and trial   5,000 yen 

License fee

First to second stage  10,000 yen

Third stage~    30,000 yen

*Special training for two days and one night


This training is based on the 20 articles of oral tradition left to us by stickmasters since ancient times. We will also teach you the secret techniques of Kushujutsu (Tee) and Taihenjutsu (Body Transformation Technique) that were practiced by stickmasters, We will also teach each of you the body transformation techniques (body manipulation), which are the secrets of the stick masters. This curriculum is designed to activate the inner energy of the body that has been dormant until now.

The maximum number of students is 3, as each student will be taught one by one.

The content of this course is different from that of the general training, and is intended for advanced practitioners.

Training hours:  Saturday 3:30 p.m. – Sunday 12:00 p.m.

・Schedule and curriculum will be provided at a later date.

Fee 30,000 yen 

Please contact us 2 weeks in advance if you wish to attend.

・The event will be held at the Bobu-kai headquarters.