Training Curriculum

At Bobujutsu Kai, we use the quarterstaff stick technique created by our ancestors to maximize the natural power of the human body and techniques that do not diminish as we age.

By performing the rotating stick technique, the energy of the tandem, which is located deep within the body, is heightened. As a result, all the cells in the body are activated and the body becomes stronger both physically and mentally.

Training flow

Osteopathic training

Skeletal stretching and breathing techniques to increase range of motion throughout the body.

Basic training

Standing, walking, leg and back strengthening, core strengthening.


Basic 5 moves, Thrusting and Striking

Bobu-kai 5-step standards

1,Be able to turn the basic five moves smoothly 【Shodan】

(Flexibility of body joints and the ability to stand up straight along the flow of the skeleton)

Acquire beautiful, non-fatiguing posture that is natural to the human body

2,Be able to move with the basic five moves on the bodywork 【2dan】

(Can continue to move freely based on what he/she has learned at Shodan)

To learn to move with a unified body (bodywork)

3. all awareness and power must be focused on the tip of the stick【3dan = instructor】

(Be aware of the connections throughout the body and be able to place awareness and power on the tip of the stick)

Acquire power (energy) generated from the tandem

4. be a bar technique with one move in a row【4dan】

(Can eliminate the movement of the stick and perform a series of moves simultaneously with bodywork)

Acquire the ability to move unconsciously in unison with the stick.

5、Combine 1 to 4 into one and create your own stick art 【5dan=Hanshi】

(Stick handling is body handling, and body handling is stick handling)

Harnessing the power of nature to become one with heaven and earth

In the ancient art of stick fighting we study, there were originally no ranks. The top rank in stick fighting was the standard, and people honed their bodies and minds as a means to build character and to protect their families. However, times have changed, and we have decided that goals and standards are necessary in stick fighting, so we have established standards (dan ranks) as a stage of training in our stick fighting. The highest rank in the art of stick fighting that we strive for is Godan.